tomi gray dot com

Tomi Gray is a delightfully bizarre musician and author, currently residing in a tin shed full of gear and geckos on the Australian Gold Coast. There, he brings to life his fantasy buffet, explores internet conspiracy rabbit holes and investigates the probability of mushrooms allowing a person to move objects with their thoughts alone. Since an unplanned hiatus from fronting the touring rock n' roll bands on which he cut his teeth, Tomi has written over 200 solo demos to date, including the forthcoming single 'Asthma' set for release late 2020.

His two most recent EP's 'The Funky Art of Scrimping' and 'Do You Believe That?' are an eclectic sample of 'The wild and wonderful mind of Tomi Gray' during the COVID-19 lockdown period. Both are available to purchase or stream via all the usual suspects.  


Tomi also is also a published children's book author.  

'The Less Said On Ducks, The Better', was written under the alias of his animation project War Of The Real who also contribute weekly cartoons on The Big Night In internet series, hosted by John Foreman and Arts Centre Melbourne.


As well as children's books, Tomi has three full-length fiction novels currently in the editing phase. A release strategy for the books, his newest music, the dark-humour puppet show 'Pzychedelic Arboretum' and a Sci-Fi creative seizure dubbed 'Turbo Static' are being slowly devised, using crayons to scribble upon aluminium foil. 

To top it off he is a self-proclaimed 'satisfactory face painter' as part of the cast for iconic Gold Coast cabaret theatre, Draculas.