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Glitter Strip, Australia — December 1, 2023 


Renowned Gold Coast storyteller Tomi Gray is preparing to release his final single for the 2023 with "Love & Heartbreak," a poignant sister song to his October release, "Arizona's Waiting." This track delves further into the transformative period of Tomi Gray's 33rd year, marked by profound shifts and personal growth.

"Love & Heartbreak" draws inspiration from a diverse array of artists, including the emotive stylings of Post Malone and local Amy Shark. These influences, coupled with Gray's own unique sound, result in a musical journey that resonates on a deeply emotional level.

The song chronicles Tomi Gray's journey through loss, self-discovery, and resilience. Following the emotional turbulence of losing his partner and band early in 2023, Tomi embarked on a pilgrimage to the Arizona desert, a pivotal moment that shaped the narrative of "Arizona's Waiting." Now, with "Love & Heartbreak," Gray expands upon this transformative year, sharing a message of overcoming adversity and maintaining faith in the promise of better times ahead.

The single carries a universal theme, resonating with listeners who have faced challenges and setbacks. Tomi Gray's soulful vocals, coupled with evocative lyrics, create a powerful anthem of hope and determination. The artist's experiences, including his triumphant return to the stage as the leading male at Dracula's Cabaret on the Gold Coast, infuse the song with authenticity and raw emotion.


Building on the foundation laid by his 2021 studio EP 'Asthma' - "Love & Heartbreak" is a testament to Tomi Gray's artistic evolution, showcasing his ability to turn personal trials into compelling musical narratives. The song encourages listeners to believe in the transformative power of hard work and resilience, promising a silver lining even in the darkest moments.

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About Tomi:

Tomi Gray is a 100% independent artist.

He is a published children's author, lead male at Dracula's Cabaret on the Gold Coast, former host of the Gold Coast Music Awards, Acclaimed animator of John Forman's 'The Big Night In' talk show, Ex member of Kallidad, Current member of Mondo Brothers, Psychedelic enthusiast, satisfactory face painter and all round good dude.

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