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Magic Pond

Magic Pond

Moon Beam

Dream time,

take off your shoes.

Cool calm collected, mending stitches

Far removed.

Switching gears in Sanctuary

Save me from the trip

Closer to the second in my last hour

Cast adrift.

If theres anything more chilling

Than the warmth riding the breeze

My vote would have to go to those

Silences in between.

As if to let you know you’re not supported when you stop.

As if to take it slow but pick a pace that cannot drop.

With every new sung statement theres a watchful tender tone.

A lasting repetition of a story never told.

She’s gone again

A lady.

It could only be her way.

And right when its accepted

She comes dancing through again.

Im nothing here beneath the vines

The roofless and the nest.

If nothings part of everything

Im happy having less.

While rushing to the finish line

While slackening the pace

Those at the end with drink and praise

Are surely worth the wait.

It seems a long time since we took the time to correspond

Thats probably more my own fault, though

You could have tried more often.

Assure me in the speckled gold

The tenderness untouched.

The pins race up the outside of the leg crossed on the top.

Teach me how to stay here while I move off far away

Call me back into the circle, to the centre, through the gates

And if I had a coin to spare I’d swap it for a wish

I wish a had a coin to spare for justice, poetic.

I wish I could go back there now. I’m worried what they’d think.

We chose to sit beside the circle. Decline to dive in.

Its going to be difficult.

You’re going to get wet.

Fears the faceless bubbles breaking softly overhead.

Justice lets it slide with a raw wrist and payment plan

The mother will instruct in words I’m yet to learn, but understand.

The sale that broke your heart turned your innocence to stone.

Now every K away he’s hoping leads him slowly home.

Back here, beside the rubble of the only brick house standing.

The bear you took with you to bed, for all your careful planning.

The circle seems to smile with all the tricks played by the light

The power in the space between, the stillness and the silence.

Cooktown, Aust.

Monday 24 Sept, 2018

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