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This anger has abated now

But I know that she’ll be back

The vengeful and the venomous

A loveless line the mind hijacked

She’ll stumble in dishevelled

Dripping mud and muttering

The oddest of ideas makes ice

From tears of humble things

I can’t get my arms around her

She ignores me in the room

And gets the most bizarre expressions

When I try to change the mood

So lets pretend we’re strangers

When I pass you in the hall

And act as though I just don’t see you

Brooding over ten foot tall

Maybe there’ll be sunlight by morning

But it’s unwise to make the bet

It hasn’t rained in several days

But that don’t mean it won’t still yet.

You get so heavy sometimes don’t you think you owe yourself a break? Some time to redefine

The cherry buried in the cake.

If there was anyone to turn to, literally anyone at all

I’d have to say id choose them over you

To break my fall

You make a madman from my rationale

A fool of my mystique

A raven from my parrot and

A trickle from my creek.

So, careful now in case we wake her

She’s only sleeping light

And when she wakes she’s up for good

And she’ll be raring for a fight

I call her anger, she’s a wild fire

With no direction set on course

She’ll watch the world burn from a beanbag

With a cocktail and popcorn

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