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You shouldn't have to also be good at social media just because you want to be in a band... But there it is. I am seeing myself become an increasingly less social creature as the years go by. I love human beings. I crave connection and intimacy above most else. However I find that the more Socially intertwined we all become with the helpful assistance of the internet and the technological revolution, the less authentically in touch with others I feel. We are now being given more and more opportunity to portray our ideal selves to the world. The version of us, as we see it, with none of the blemishes, shot from the best angle then delivered up with the most attractive filter, accompanied by a carefully crafted sub-heading. My resistance to this has been fairly half hearted. I've openly mocked it while still silently half taking part in the social poker, bluffing my way through posts in the hopeful pursuit of hitting the viral jackpot. As I have learned in the past, walking with one foot in either lane never leads to anything worthwhile. Half attempting to put myself out to the world as an artist in search of connectivity and authentic emotional exchange while feeling cheapened by the industry pressure to participate in the world of hashtags and trickery. But I've still been playing, just not winning many hands because my poker face has not been convincing.

Then what option is there but to go all in? (I hope these poker references are going well)..

As a part of personal experiment I have opened accounts on all popular social media platforms and will be attempting to commit to a regular honest display of my personal journey towards a life lived to its maximum potential. Below are a list of links to the aforementioned. I am aware that my credibility and reputation of cool as a musician are these days largely based on amount of online currency you posses. At this point I am a social hobo however i refuse to take part in the tricks and sneaky likes and unlikes, to make myself appear falsely cooler than i am. These will be real or else not at all. Let the games begin. FACEBOOK - Because how else will the general public and reaching arms of the music industry be able to judge your 'cool'?

INSTAGRAM - Because what is the point of doing anything sick unless you can prove it? TWITTER - Because what better way to deliver every single thought that occurs to you during your day, while you drive, while your on the loo, trying to sleep or on a train than this? SNAPCHAT - Because when your lit with your mates you wanna be able to put it online but you don't wanna remember it tomorrow. @tomigraymusic

YOUTUBE - Because this is actually a pretty sick way to share video content. SOUNDCLOUD - Because Facebook doesn't pay you for your plays no matter how many 100's of 1000's you get. I don't think Soundcloud does either, but fuck Facebook. At least these guys don't cut your reach in half for mentioning a different social media platform in a post. TOMIGRAY.COM - Because you gotta have a website. You GOT TO! Ok, MAD! I'll be trying to keep on top of this new circus of responsibility from now on (or until I get a 'real job') and see how it feels to commit to a side and not sit begrudgingly on the fence while cute bikini girls score $100,000 protein endorsements on the 'gram and self help gurus ride in Ferraris on Youtube while I sit bitterly making snide comments about how I'm above it all to 10 followers.

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