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Roads of change

This is the unravelling

the coming apart

the end of what was but hopefully a new start?

this is a tough transition,

though it's hardly the first

it comes and it grows, it burns and moans,

It's blessing and hurt..

This is the way it has to be, the roll of the wave.

One certainty said is that everything changes.

This is the call in the night from the crest of a hill

tells you, 'Don't straggle too long, it's unwise to hold still'.

It's the role of the players who come when there's need

fill that space up with laughter that lingers after they leave.

This is my right, as it's yours to own our unrest.

The deep roots suck love from the heart in the chest.

The tear. The torture, as bad as it gets?

The chuckle of the underworld, the cackle of death.

The detours are many, the shortcuts are spent

on a long road inevitably back here again.


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